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Please note that none of the above items have a monetary value.

How we say Thank You

for those endowing an Acre.

A place for your horse at Retirement

Those endowing acres go to the frint of the line for when their horse needs retirement according to rukes in place at the time.  To date, no horse has been turned down.

Receive a Silver Medalion

​The horses would love for you to fund your Acre all at once if you can.   If so, the Foundation will send you a Silver Medallion.  Design may vary.  All are special.

Pictures & Stories

You will be placed on our email list for pictures and stories about the horses and ranch life as well as for updates about the


Acres that make a Difference(sm)

​Your Acre provides a lot!

-Land for a horse to just be a horse

-Demonstration of affordable natural horse life that contributes to solutions for the problems of Excess Horses, Abandoned Horses, as well as the need for Quality Horse Retirement.

-Land Conservation

-Habitat Protection for wild life

-Open Space

-Preservation of Family Agriculture

-Water Cycle Management

Carbon Sequestration

-Learning about the unknown parts of Horse Life.

-Rehajbilitatiom of Warriors and Civilians

and yes there is more.

When you endow an Acre, you will have done what few are able to do.

Others will pick up from there doing their part.  

You will also be supplied with a webpage to honor your horse or someone you select and inspire others. The information you need to supply is easy to enter right on this website.

​​A Webpage to Honor Your Horse.